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As a community committed to following Christ, we invite you to participate in the practice of giving. Regular, generous giving to God through the church is one way that we grow deeper in our faith.

Jesus taught generosity as an essential part of following him, constantly urging his disciples to think about their relationship to their possessions. God gives all of us gifts, and asks us to use those gifts in a way that will impact others. We believe that giving to the church is an investment in God’s vision and purpose for our city.

The Bible teaches us to give a tithe or the first 10 percent of what we earn to God for the church’s work. This number helps us define generous giving. What’s most important is that you start somewhere, and simply choose to honor God through your generosity. If you are not giving at all, start by giving 1 or 2 percent of your income, and simply build on that in time. You will find the truth in Jesus' teaching: ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ (Acts 20:35)

ways you can Give:



You can give in person each Sunday during worship or during the week by dropping by the church office. If you wish to give to a specific ministry, you can name the ministry in the memo line. 


Giving online is made easy through the online portal with Realm. Click the "give now" box below and select the fund you wish to support.



You can mail your gifts to Wesley at 922 W. Republic Rd. Springfield, MO 65807

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